PG Diambvba is known worldwide in Antwerp Diamond Market, Swiss watches and jewelry industries and also in Hong Kong ,Bangkok diamond market for our unmatchable Full Cut and Single Cut, exemplary quality, international standards and its impeccable reputation

PG Diam Make

Our high-end diamonds are cut to suit the most demanding makers of jewelry and watches industries Every single diamonds are crafted to set a parameters that we believe, no other manufacturer is able to achieve 100% Perfection in make. We follow Wide and Strict assortment of diamonds and we never

Full Cut Diamonds
PG Diam bvba takes stride to present captivating Full Cut Diamonds. We have been a trusted by the leading company amongst other diamond marketer and diamond suppliers for Full Cut Diamonds.
Single Cut 8/8 Diamonds
Single Cut Diamonds are also known by other names such as Eight Cut Diamonds or 8/8 cut diamonds PG Diambvba is a pioneer amongst diamond supplier of the Single Cut Diamonds in the Antwerp market.