Full Cut Diamonds

PG Diam bvba takes stride to present captivating Full Cut Diamonds. We have been a trusted by the leading company amongst other diamond marketer and diamond suppliers for Full Cut Diamonds. In the diamond market Full Cut Diamonds have always been in demand for various reasons ranging from jewelry to watches. We have been supplying this need of Full Cut Diamonds with highest quality of diamonds. Our each and every Full Cut Diamonds go through several detailed quality inspection stages before making it available to our clients.

We are committed to providing pure, high-quality diamonds at competitive prices. We offer one of the superior quality inventories of polished diamonds in the world

This quality, purity and premium design of our Full Cut Diamonds has made us one of the leading diamond Marketers and diamond suppliers in the Antwerp diamond market and in Swiss watches and jewelry industries.

MM Sieve Pcs per carat Color Quality Range
0.50-0.60 -0000 1700-1050 G+ IF-VS
0.60-0.90 +0000-000 1050-350 G+ IF-VS
0.90-1.25 +000-2 350-125 G+ IF-VS
1.25-1.80 +2-6.5 125-45 G+ IF-VS
1.80-2.70 +6.5-11 45-33 G+ IF-VS

We guarantee for every single stone of “Natural diamonds” amongst our whole production line

To meet the accurate specifications required for watches and jewellery, we are able to manufacture and supply polished stones within a size break of only +/-0,025mm.