Purnpurushottam exports (Manufacture}

Laxmam Kalathiya(director)
Dinesh M. Kalathiya(director)

We have been manufacturing diamonds for over 35 years with state-of-the-art operations in Surat (India) and Mumbai (India) and are pioneers in single & full cut with a strong reputation in processing High Quality Small Chinese Make

We source Russian rough from Daimdel and from open antwerp market and manufacturing Russian article

We have strong workforce over 1000 of skilled and experienced artisans. Which have ability to change the focus of production quickly, receives refined training as per market demand and we follow principal of right person at right place.

Every diamond is stringently tested at different stages of cutting, polishing and processing. Our quality auditors leave no scope for any kind of error or defects in our products and processes. Once the product passes numerous quality tests it is then packed carefully, to protect it from any kind of spoilage or transportation related damages during delivery process.

All the finished products are tested on the basis of following parameters:

  • Purity
  • Credibility
  • Hardness
  • Finish
  • Strength
  • Shine
  • Clarity
  • Clean cut

With over 100 skilled and experienced microscope and Lopeasserterspresents in Surat and Mumbai

Our technologies equipped with the most modern technology & amenities, our entire manufacturing process is automatically controlled.

Proud to say its record that we manufactured world’s smallest diamond among other companies in market which weighing 0.0003cent/.00006 grams/3333.33 pcs per carat size.

Our R&D team continuously research to improve diamond quality, aiming for zero defects.