About us

We Are One of The Trusted Manufacture and Supplier of the Full cut and Single Cut for More Than a Decade. With the hard work, we started Supplying Polished Diamonds, which is known today as the PG Diam bvba is located in the heart of diamond district Antwerp (Belgium) , Ever since our incorporation over a decade ago, we are skillfully dealing in Full cut and Single cut with a strong reputation in processing High Quality Small Chinese Make. We are among the few companies to stock our full range of perfectly polished and consistently sorted goods, so most orders can be processed for shipping immediately

We rigorously focus on our client’s demands and preferences and offer a gorgeous collection of full cut and single cut with remarkable characteristics. Specializes in bringing sparkle and elegance of diamonds into the lives of our clients.

PG Diam bvba is known worldwide in Antwerp Diamond Market, Swiss watches and jewelry industries and also in Hong Kong bang Kong diamond market for our unmatchable Full Cut and Single Cut, exemplary quality, international standards and its impeccable reputation

Why us ?

1. We are preferred by our clients for many reasons, such as:
2. Well trusted name in the whole industry of Antwerp and Swiss Watches and Jewelry
3. Wide quantity selection of diamonds in full cut and single cut 8/8
4. Quality driven organization
5. Wide and Strict assortment of diamonds
6. A young and dynamic firm with three generations of experience.
7. Being supplier and manufactures, with our workshop and office, we can offer you advantages price
8. Stringent quality measures
9. Prompt deliveries
10. Ethical business values.

Vision & Mission


To become the global leader in supplying top quality of full cut and single cut small size diamonds. It’s our endeavor to become the most respected and successful diamond supplier in the world.


To be at the forefront of the diamond and industry using best business practices and through innovation in the latest technologies, quality & customer focus, creating trust worthy environment which brings success to all stakeholders involved in the process

Director Message

Welcome to PG DIAM bvba Supplier and manufacture of high-quality small diamonds.

We are the world's leading Polish Diamond supplier of Round shape Full cut and Single cut with a strong reputation in processing High Quality Small Chinese Make

PG DIAM derives strength and inspiration from customer's trust and recognition. For over past two decades we have persevered the quality of diamond polishing with quality services on daily basis. Unique journey of success of PG DIAM rely on tools of team work, commitment and collective skills and that propels our growth and fuels our journey of success.

I would thank all my Colleagues, Our manufacture alliance company, Employees and Customers for their contribution, trust and dedication without that we would not have achieved the growth and continuous improvement.

We believe in establishing and maintaining bilaterally beneficial relationship. I welcome you to be a partner in this long lasting relationship with PG DIAM . Let this bond last forever.

A Promise is a Promise" has always been my philosophy and my personal icon in the diamonds industry for the past years. Should you have any questions any time, please do not hesitate to contact any of the PG DAIM representatives or myself at rakesh@pgdiam.com

Yours sincerely,


Superior quality standards is a hallmark of our company. We have adapted stringent quality measures to ensure that quality of our products never deteriorates. Our quest for perfection has enabled us to produce an absolutely free from flaws. Over the past few years, the prestige and reputation of our company has remained unquestioned and our clients have trusted us blindly in terms of quality. Timely delivery with consistent Quality is our Specialty

All of our items are subject to the following quality control checks:

  • All diamonds are double checked for exactness of size, clarity and shape while doing assortment in microscope and lope.
  • Each diamonds passes quality checks before and after polish.
  • Final examination is performed by a gemologist before the item is delivered to you.

PG Diam CR values

We believe conducting business with a clear conscience is not merely a question of following the rules & regulation enacted by governments or other related organization.

Its on going daily process, were each employee or represent of P G Diam bvba has moral duty to carry out his/her tasks to best of his/her abilities.
This Involves:

  • To fully comply with the Kimberley Process, the diamonds best Practice Principles, the World Diamond Council resolution & UN resolution no A/RES/55/56
  • To respect human rights and the well-being of the environment
  • To condemn bribery, fraud, money-laundering, dealing in stolen goods (including conflict diamonds, blood diamonds. Etc..)
  • To avoid conflict of interest
  • To be discrete with confidential knowledge
  • To encourage fair play, honesty, mutual respect & integrity
We wish only to conduct business with individuals & organization who share these ethical principles.
By doing so we engage to help ensure that the diamond industry proves to be a respectable business.