Single Cut Diamonds

Single Cut Diamonds are also known by other names such as Eight Cut Diamonds or 8/8 cut diamonds PG Diam bvba is a pioneer amongst diamond supplier of the Single Cut Diamonds in the Antwerp market.

35years experience we have developed our expertise in Single cut diamonds. Our customers from Switzerland and around the world have been placing bulk orders for our diamonds due to the superior quality and inexplicable radiance that our company PG Diam bvba has to offer in each and every diamond.
Single Cut Diamonds are one of the most famous types of diamonds which are widely in demand around from high-end watches and Jewelry industries around world and they are can be used everywhere in jewelry, watches, accessories and more.

MM Sieve Pcs per carat Color Quality Range
0.55-0.80 -0000 1700-550 D E F IF-VS
0.80-0.90 +0000-000 550-450 D E F IF-VS
0.90-1.25 +000-2 450-120 D E F IF-VS
1.25-1.80 +2-6.5 125-56 D E F IF-VS

*NOTE –Major 80% production of IF Quality.

We guarantee for every single stone of “Natural diamonds” amongst our whole production line

To meet the accurate specifications required for watches and jewellery, we are able to manufacture and supply polished stones within a size break of only +/-0,025mm.

We supply standards and quality diamonds they appreciated by the leading jewelry manufacturers, retailers and top brands of the Swiss watch industry.