Tailored Made Make

Aware that different markets have different product needs, werecognizes our customers' requirements and translates those subjective needs into Tailored Make or ‘customize make '. In round brilliant cut and single cut 8/8 cut, PG DAIM has taken specialization to a new level, by adding another dimension to product classification of the 4 Cs. We differentiate the Tailored Polished Make arising out of generic rounds in small sizes of -0.18 carat, manufacturing 5 categories of makes defined by the crown height / table size ratio in all products. This level of specialization of makes in generic round brilliant cuts and Single cut 8/8 has made PG DAIM the few mover in this area in the entire industry.

Microscope sorting and grading

PG Diam addresses the needs of its high-end retail customers and watch / jewellery brands through its microscope sorting and grading service. This process ensures that every stone ordered is checked under the microscope, resulting in the highest degree of quality in terms of colors and clarity. The customer's exact requirement is thus fulfilled.

Calibrated sizes

PG Diam calibrated size gauges a number of factors, which include breadth, length and diameter to name a few. For customers such as high-end jewellery manufacturers, watch / jewellery brands, this process saves time on sorting and more importantly, gives them the precision in terms of size that they require. It also frees up related investments in skilled manpower and equipment. As a result, our customers can focus on the more critical aspects of watch / jewellery manufacturing.

Bagging & Fluting

PG Diam Bagging and Fluting process streamlines the manufacturing process for our customers. The department prepares matching pieces for designed jewellery units which customers can directly set in the watch cases / jewellery.

Our service is delivered on the back of our integrated IT systems and processes, which tracks every diamond using bar code technology. This level of traceability ensures high-quality results, creating a strong competitive advantage and giving our customers confidence in the end product.

Our scale of operations in this area, coupled with the significant number of customers using this high-precision service has enabled us to provide our customers with the benefit of economies of scale even while conforming to individual cyclical requirements.

Manufacturing on demand

Recognizing that our customers will at times have to fulfil unplanned orders in a very short production cycle time, P G DIAM offers a Manufacturing on demand service. This is made possible through the application of lean methodologies in our production line. Our SAP-enabled integrated IT system allows us to reduce conversion time of rough procurement to polished delivery to just a few days. The strength of our IT system ensures that the entire process is held together on schedule, right from the point of procurement to delivery.