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FUll CUt

A full cut also known as Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most extraordinary cut diamond with 58 facets (considering culet as a technical facet). This cut provides maximized light reflection from the top. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds make up roughly 70-80% of all polished diamonds traded around the world. Full cut or Round Brilliant cut diamonds have always been in demand worldwide for various reasons ranging from jewellery to watches and we have been supplying this need with the highest quality.

Detailed Specifications

Insights on Full Cut Diamonds

At PG Diam we give our customer access to widest range of round brilliant cut diamonds across colors, clarities, and sizes. We take a stride to present captivating full-cut diamonds. Each and every diamond that we have to offer go through several detailed quality inspection stages before making it available to our clients. 

single cut

Single Cut Diamonds are also known by other names such as Eight Cut Diamonds or 8/8 cut diamonds PG Diam is a pioneer amongst diamond supplier of the Single Cut Diamonds in the Antwerp market. With 35 years of experience in manufacturing, we have developed our expertise in Single cut diamonds. Our customers from Switzerland and around the world have been placing bulk orders for our superior quality and with an inexplicable radiance that we have to offer in each and every diamond.

Detailed Specifications

Insights on Single Cut Diamonds

At PG Diam, We offer worlds smallest diamonds which goes upto 5000 pieces per carat. Single Cut Diamonds are one of the most famous types of diamonds that are widely in demand when considering small sizes for high-end watches and designer Jewellery. We assure to deliver only “Natural diamonds” amongst all our product and production lines.