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Tailored Made Goods

At PG Diam, we pride ourselves on crafting customized diamond solutions tailored to our clients’ unique preferences. Whether it’s a round brilliant cut, a single cut, or any other fancy shape, our expertise ensures each diamond meets exact specifications.

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, we transform visions into stunning realities, delivering timeless creations that enchant and inspire.

About Service

Microscope Sorting and Grading

Experience precision like never before with PG Diam’s microscope sorting and grading service. Our expert gemologists meticulously examine each diamond under advanced microscopy technology, ensuring unmatched quality and clarity. With a focus on detail and accuracy, we guarantee that every stone meets the highest standards of excellence, providing you with diamonds of unparalleled brilliance and beauty.

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Calibrated Sizes

Precision redefined with PG Diam’s calibrated diamond sizes. Our meticulous process gauges a myriad of factors, including measurements and parameters, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Whether you’re a high-end jewelry manufacturer or a luxury watch brand, our calibrated sizes streamline your production process, saving time and resources while delivering precise dimensions that meet your exact requirements.

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Bagging & Fluting

Streamline your manufacturing process with PG Diam’s bagging and fluting service. Our department prepares matching pieces for your designed jewelry units, facilitating direct setting in watch cases or jewelry.

Leveraging our scale of operations and precision service, we provide economies of scale to meet individual cyclical demands, ensuring efficiency without compromising on quality or design integrity

About Service

Manufacturing on Demand

Respond swiftly to unplanned orders with PG Diam’s manufacturing on demand service. Through lean methodologies and an integrated IT system, we reduce the conversion time from rough procurement to polished delivery to just a few days.

Our streamlined process ensures timely fulfillment of orders, maintaining quality and precision from procurement to delivery, enabling you to meet fluctuating demands efficiently and effectively

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